Lanzar (OPTIX3B) 3 Way Electronic Crossover Network
Lanzar (OPTIX3B) 3 Way Electronic Crossover Network
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Product Features:
  • Blue light illuminated control panel
  • Removable covers for power and in/output ports.
  • Rotary control knobs
  • 12dB per octave crossover slopes
  • PWM power supply & Subwoofer mode switch
  • Remote bass boost (0-+18dB) and level controls
  • Variable subwoofer frequency control 40-400 Hz
  • Variable high-pass frequency control (mid-range) 40-800Hz
  • Variable low-pass frequency control (mid-range) 2k-7 kHz
  • Variable high-pass frequency control (40-8 kHz)
  • X1, X10 high pass frequency multiplier-switch
  • Parametric ''Q'' control (0-20)
  • Left and right mid range phase shift control (0-180)
  • Variable bass boost frequency control 25-250 Hz
  • Band pass/ high pass mid range control switch
  • Subwoofer stereo/mono mode control
  • Mid/high & sub RCA inputs
  • High, mid & sub RCA outputs
  • Variable output level controls, 8 volts
  • Dimensions : 6''W x 1.75''H x 12.75''L