Xtra Shelf Corner Shelves, 5 Pc Set
Xtra Shelf Corner Shelves, 5 Pc Set
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You will love the convenience of Xtra Shelf Corner Shelves in any room of your home and best of all, you can install them in just seconds using no tools or hardware! It's true! You simply decide where you want your Xtra Shelf Corner Shelf, turn the locking button that secures the shelf to the wall, and like magic, it's installed! It's really that easy! Xtra Shelf Corner Shelves are great for organizing a CD collection, displaying photos, holding plants, freeing up kitchen and bathroom counter space, storing garden, auto, laundry, office and paint supplies, doubling cabinet space, plus so much more!

No tools or hardware! No Glue! No Velcro! Holds up to 9 Lbs.

This is a set of 5 Xtra Shelf Corner Shelves and ships in a brown mail order carton.

To see the shelf dimensions, view the 'full size' image.